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Please note: Institutes' collections: the institute will inform you if the work concerned can be borrowed or read at the institute.

Chemistry institutes: The Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library will obtain items held by the chemistry intitutes for you.

Senior Governing Bodies

Central Divisions and Special Bodies

E007 Finances (Location information)
E011 PR and Fundraising (Location information)
E014 Internal Audit and Compliance (Location information)
E017 TU Wien Academy (Location information)
E018 Data Protection and Document Management (Location information)
E020 Information Technology Solutions (Location information)
E034 Gender Competence (Location information)
E050 Low Temperature Facilities (Location information)
E058 Research, Technology, Innovation Support (Location information)
E060 Center for Strategic Development in Education (Location information)
E062 Admission Office (Location information)
E063 International Office (Location information)
E065 University Development and Quality Management (Location information)
E067 HR Administration (Location information)
E068 HR Development (Location information)
E080 Real Estate and Facility Management (Location information)
E081 Archives (Location information)
E629 Services Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs (Location information)
E911 Working Group on Equal Opportunities (Location information)
E912 Disbilities Representative (Location information)
E913 Works Council of the Scientific University Staff (Location information)
E914 Works Council of the General University Staff (Location information)
Students' Council Civil Engineering (Location information)
Students' Council Teacher Training (Location information)
Students' Council Electrical Engineering (Location information)
Students' Council Technical Mathematics (Location information)
Students' Council Physics (Location information)
Student's Council Informatics (Location information)
Student's Council Architecture (Location information)
Student's Council Planning (Location information)
Student's Technical Chemistry (Location information)
HTU Women's Department (Location information)

Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Architecture and Planning

E251 Institute of History of Art, Building Archaeology and Restoration (Location information)
E253 Institute of Architecture and Design (Location information)
E259 Institute of Architectural Sciences (Location information)
E260 Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (Location information)
E264 Institute of Art and Design (Location information)
E280 Institute of Spatial Planning (Location information)
E299 Services Architektur und Raumplanung (Location information)

Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology