Library information: Sitte bequest library

This item is part of the "Sitte bequest library": In 1963, Maria Sitte donated documents and books from the estate of the architects and urban planners Franz (1818 -1879), Camillo (1843 - 1903) and Siegfried Sitte (1876-1945) to the Institute of Urban and Spatial Planning of TU Wien.

Part of this estate, the Sitte bequest library, is held at TU Wien Bibliothek and can be consulted in the Main Library's rare books reading room.

For these items, the terms of use for special collections apply. This means that these special collections can only be read under supervision in the rare books reading room of the Main Library, and copying or scanning pages of these works is not permitted.

In many cases, a copy of a work in the Sitte bequest library will also be held by TU Wien Bibliothek in the normal closed stacks, and this copy can usually be copied or sometimes even taken out on loan. So you might like to check whether your desired title also exists outside the Sitte collection.

Item statuses of "Sitte bequest library" works on CatalogPlus:

  • Not usable - this item cannot be requested, because a copy of the same work exists in the normal library collection.
  • Embargoed - this item cannot be requested for legal reasons.
  • Special collection - this item can be requested from the stacks, but it can only be read in the rare books reading room, and scanning or copying is not permitted.