Old Catalogues

Some items acquired before 1931 are not yet catalogued on the online catalogue. To find these items, you need to use TU Wien Bibliothek's old catalogues. These are available on the first floor of the Main Library. The initial consultations staff will help you with any enquiries concerning the old catalogues.

It is advisable to start every search in CatalogPlus. If the item you are looking for is very old (published before 1931) and is not on the online catalogue, you may need to use the old catalogues.

Classified catalogue 1815 to 1964/1965 (printed catalogue)

This catalogue was published in 1901-1907 and a series of printed supplements to this catalogue were produced at intervals. The classified catalogue contains all items acquired between 1815 and 1965. The classified catalogue has been scanned, and the files can be searched using a search engine. However, be aware that due to the bad quality of the originals, OCR was only partially successful.

Search the classified catalogue online (German-language only)

The printed version of the classifid catalogue is accessible on the first floor under the shelfmark:


To use this catalogue, look up your search term in the index volumes. These will give you a classification number to look up in the other volumes.

Author catalogue 1815 to 1930 (microform catalogue)

The author catalogue 1815 to 1930 is available in microform and can be read on a microform reader next to the stack orders desk.