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SciPost - TU Wien supports alternative physics publishing platform

SciPost offers a publication portal for scientists to share their latest research freely.

Prof. Schmiedmayer of TU Wien Atomic and Subatomic Physics (Atominstitut) is a member of the SciPost advisory board. He is convinced that scientists should take possession of their intellectual property. One consequence is for scientists to take publishing into their own hands and not let other institutions make enormous profit from disseminating their intellectual property. These ideas led to the creation of SciPost, a top level journal by scientists for scientists.

SciPost is an Open Access publication platform that is free of charge for readers and authors, and is based on an international cost-sharing model of leading institutions. Its mission is to transform scientific publishing by providing a genuine Open Access alternative to the current academic publishing system.

The FWF and ten Austrian research institutes, including the TU Wien, support the SciPost platform within the framework of the "Austrian Academic Library Consortium" (KEMÖ) cooperative.

Publications are submitted on The submitted manuscripts, the peer review reports and the replies are publicly accessible on the SciPost platform (open peer review). The SciPost journals SciPost Physics, SciPost Physics Proceedings, and SciPost Physics Lecture Notes cover all areas of physics, and publishing in these top level journals will replace publication in a traditional journal.

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Online seit: 13.12.2018

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