Borrowing FAQ

How do I borrow books?

You will need your TU card, library card, or a library barcode on your student ID card, to borrow items.
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Who may apply for a Library card?

All registered residents of Austria may obtain a Library Card and borrow items from the Library. > more

Where are Library cards or Library barcodes issued?

Library cards or barcodes are issued at the Main Library's Circulation Desk (on the ground floor) or at the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library. TU staff and students who have been issued a TU card can register online via TISS. Your TU card can then be used as your library card.

Is there a registration fee?

Students, secondary school students and Employees of TU Wien or other Austrian Universities are issued library cards or library barcodes free of charge.
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Which items can be borrowed?

Most (but not all) of the Library's stock at the Main Library and the subject libraries can be borrowed. Institutes of TU Wien individually decide whether their books can be borrowed or not.
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How do I know which items I have on loan and when I have to return them?

You will find this information in the "My Account" facility of the online catalogue (CatalogPlus) > more


How can I renew my borrowed items online?

Sign in to the online catalogue (CatalogPlus), then klick "My Account".

Renew all your loans by clicking on the Renew All option.

Renew selected loans by clicking the check boxes alongside the items you wish to renew, then clicking on the Renew Selected option.

Mind that the loan period is always renewed by four weeks, starting from the date of renewal, NOT from the previous due date!

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Can I renew by telephone?

Yes, you can renew your borrowed items by telephone during Library opening hours by calling +43-1-58801-44190.


Can I reserve books?

You can reserve items that are out on loan using the online Library catalogue.  > more

Books available in the open access areas cannot be requested.


I want to borrow a book from the open access areas. Can I request it online?

No. Requests can be placed only if an item is out on loan ("hold requests") or is in the closed stack rooms ("stack requests").

You select your books in the open access areas, and bring them to the Circulation desk of the Main Library or subject libraries during opening hours, or use the Main Library's self-issue terminals on the ground floor.


How do I request a book etc. from closed stacks?

1. Items that are in the online catalogue:

These items can be ordered using the online catalogue. Staff will then fetch them from the closed stacks. > more

2. There is no item in the online catalogue:

Some older books are not in the online catalogue - in these cases you have to fill in a form at the stack requests desk on the first floor of the Main Library. > more


I have requested an item from the closed stacks. When and where do I get it?

Books on closed access will be fetched by staff on request at set times (on the full hour during staffed opening hours). For example, if you place a request at 13:30, Library staff go to fetch it at 14:00, and it will be ready for collection at around 14:10.

Books that are for loan are issued at the circulation desk (Leihstelle).

Books and journals that are not for loan are issued at the stack requests desk (Bestellschalter) on the first floor of the Main Library and may be used on Library premises only.

Items ordered from the closed stacks will be kept at the circulation desk or stack requests desk for 5 working days. Items that have not been collected during these 5 days will be returned to the stacks.


I want to borrow a book that is at an institute of TU Wien. How do I get it?

You have to go to the institute in question to read or - if permitted by the institute - borrow the item.

In the item's "Locations / Get It" tab in the online catalogue, there is a link "View location information". Click on this link to see information on the institute's address, telephone number and research groups (if any).


My address has changed. Do I have to notify the Library of my new address?

If you are a TU student or TU staff member, you do not need to notify the libary of a new address. Once your new address is in TISS, our data are updated.

If you are not a TU student or staff member, please notify Library Circulation Desk staff of all changes of address.

Do you charge fines if my books become overdue?

Yes, we do. > more


Was your question answered?

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